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The Cape Town region of South Africa is famous for its harbour as well as its natural beauty including such well-known landmarks as Table Mountain and Cape Point. The Cape Town region is the economic centre of the Western Cape and serves as the regional manufacturing centre. Cape Town is one of the most popular tourism destinations in South Africa.

Cape Town is the provincial capital of the Western Cape province and the legislative capital of South Africa. The National Parliament and government offices are located in Cape Town and this region is the economic centre of the Western Cape. The Cape Town region is one of the most popular tourist destination in South Africa and the city of Cape Town is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful cites in the world.

The Cape Town region of the Western Cape has a multitude of entertainment, ranging from outdoor activities and adventures in the sun to a vibrant night life. There is a vast range of shopping centres and restaurants in Cape Town reflecting the rich cultural history of the Cape. Cape Town is a city of culture, built on a history that reflects in the architecture, cuisine, music and dance.

The first regular contact with Europeans in the region where Cape Town is now situated occurred in 1652 when Jan Van Riebeeck and other employees of the East India Company were sent from Holland to establish a way-station for ships travelling to the Dutch East indies. Labourers where imported from Indonesia and Madagaskar to help with labour shortage in the area. In 1795 the British gained outright control of the Cape but it was returned to the Dutch in 1803. The British won back the Cape in 1806 and in 1814 the Cape was permanently incorporated into the British Empire. As the territory under British control grew even larger outward from the city, Cape Town became the capital of the newly formed Cape Colony. After the Second Anglo-Boer War the British unified the Cape Colony with the two defeated Boer Republics and Natal to form the Union of South Africa with Cape Town as the legislative capital.

Cape Town has a mediterranean climate with large cold fronts coming from the Atlantic Ocean over the winter period that ranges from May to August. The Cape Town winters are cool and most of Cape Town's rainfall occurs in winter. Cape Town summers which last from November to February are warm and dry.


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